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since May 3, 1999.

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Welcome to my little corner of the net dedicated to Dennis Knight, aka Midian. I've gathered up just about everything on DK I could find, whether it be info, pics, sounds, videos or any other random things I could get my hands on, and made this little tribute to him. Mind you he may not be a Stone Cold Steve Austin or a Rock, but he is Midian, the man who once was PIG and Tex! So look around and find out probably more than you ever wanted to know abut this talented wrestler!

- Hellfire      

Latest update: May 29, 2000.

Added 2 Up Close, 7 Other and 3 In the Ring pics.

Jakked results are up in News & Notes.

Added 1 new link.

New edition of Hellfire's Inferno.

5.22.00 - Added a new article and the pics to go with it.Midian will be on Jakked this week, be on the lookout!

5.11.00 - Added dark match results in the News & Notes section. A small udpates yes, but I thought all the true DK fans would like to know that he is aparently doing better.

5.5.00 - Added 2 new In the Flesh pics.I've heard no new news on DK's kidney problems. Hopefully the WWF or someone will get some info to us fans one day....if I hear anything I'll be sure to post it.

4.25.00 - There are new items in News & Notes. Added 15 new PIG pics!

Here it is, the new Midian Fan Club, click below to get more info.

The Midian Militia

If anyone has any house show or other live event pics of Midian they'd like to share with Midian's Ministry I'd appreciate it. So if ya do please e-mail me and let me know.

My little adopted orphans : )

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I support Mick Foley! I support Midian! I support Prince Albert!

I support Chyna! I support Droz!

Remembering Owen Hart....

Shut up Michael Cole!

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Thanks to all my friends who helped me set up this page, especially Ivy & Lyn1234567 for making a lot of the stills and DX's Chick for naming the site! I am in no way affiliated with Dennis Knight or WWF, I am just a fan showing my love. But hey, if he ever sees this site that would kick ass! This site is done from a female fans perspective, if you don't like it...leave. If you have any pics of Dennis you would like to submit to Midian's Ministry please e-mail me.